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We offer an assortment of Exterior Detailing Options. From Basic Hand Wash & Seal to Full Multi-Step Paint Correction & Protective Coatings. We provide your Vehicle with a Detailing procedure that best suits your needs. When we service your Vehicle, we start by cleaning the vehicle to ensure all Dirt and Debris are removed. The next Step would be to Enhance the Exterior. There are a few options here.

Single Stage Machine Polish

Adds Clarity & Gloss, giving your Paint more Depth and an overall drastically improved look

Single Stage Compound & Polish Combo

Removes roughly 70% of Swirl Marks & Defects, Provides Gloss, Clarity & Depth to the Paint finish

Multi Stage Paint Correction

Removes roughly 95% of all Surface Scratches & Swirl Marks, Provides Optimal Clarity & Maximum Gloss


Once the process of refining the Paint on the Exterior of your Vehicle is complete, we can move onto the Protection Process. The protection of the Exterior is a Key part of a Detail. Once your Paint has been Polished & refined, it is bare and susceptible to Damage. Once we complete the Enhancement Process, it is Highly recommended to Protect the Exterior with a Sealant, Coating or Protective Film. We offer multiple Protective Options for your Vehicle.

6 Month Exterior Sealant

Provides a Thin, Glossy layer of protection from the elements providing a slick water bead on all exterior surfaces. Rated for 6 Months of Protection (recommended 2x Per year

1 Year Ceramic Sealant

Extremely Hydrophobic, Provides Excellent Gloss & Water Bead. Extremely Easy to Clean & Maintain

Ceramic Coating

2-5 Years of Extremely Durable Protection. Extremely Hydrophobic, Maximum Gloss, 9H & 10H Hardness provides protection from Swirl Marks, Surface Scratches, Bird Droppings, Road Salt, Tar, Brake Dust, Rusting, Grease, Acid Rain, Industrial Fallout, UV Rays and Chemicals.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is an Industry leading protective film for your Vehicle’s Exterior. It is Virtually Invisible once applied. Protective Film is made of Polyurethane, completely Transparent and super resistant against Stone chips & damage from Impact. Protective Film will protect the entire finish of the underlying Paint. If you have a Vehicle you want to keep nearly Perfect, Protective Film is the best Investment for you.


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