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We are a New Jersey Based Automotive Detailing Service. We offer a wide range of Services catered to your Vehicles specific condition and needs. We pay close attention to every part of your vehicle from end to end, providing the most effective practices and Detailing Methods available. Our trained Professionals have a true passion for Auto Detailing and offer your vehicle the comprehensive attention it deserves. At Onyx we provide unrivaled service and back all of our work with a complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Ferrari 488 Pista & 488GTB both came in to have new Wheels Installed👍
@agluxurywheels Multi Piece Satin Black w/ Carbon Fiber Lips for the Pista & @signaturewheel Multi Piece Satin Black Wheels for the GTB.
355 @michelin ‘s on the rear for traction since these cars are putting down some serious power for RWD!! 🔥
#Ferrari #Ferrari488 #488Pista #488GTB #Ryft #Gintani #FerrariWorld

Work is always better when you enjoy what you do🙏
Ferrari 488 GTB Ceramic Coated over PPF, Tinted, Front Windshield Protection & more✔️
812 Superfast Tinted, Detailed & Protected ✔️
#Ferrari #488GTB #812Superfast #SuperCars #ExoticCars

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